Frequently asked questions

How to get to the museum?
The museum of Illusions is situated in the northern part of Tel Aviv Port, Builing 26, 6 Yekutieli St., Tel Aviv

Are there any parking lots nearby?
Paid parking lots are situated at the Tel Aviv port complex and in the museum’s vicinity.

When can one arrive at the museum?
Last entry is allowed an hour before closing

Which ages is the museum suitable for?
The museum is suitable for all people from the ages of 6, i.e both children and adults

Must any child have a ticket?
Any child over the age of 4 must have a ticket

How to buy a ticket?
To buy a ticket online via the museum’s website please click here.

Can I buy a ticket at the ticket office?
Visitors are advised to buy tickets in advance. It is possible to buy a ticket and the museum’s ticket office on a standby basis

Does the ticket indicate a specific hour?
In order to enhance the visitor’s experience at the museum, we enable a limited number of visitors at any given moment.
Please note that entry to an exhibition is made possible only at the time it was booked.
A visitor who arrives at the exhibition without having coordinated the time of the visit in advance, or on a different day, will be let in to the exhibition only on a standby basis

When is it recommended to arrive at the museum close to the scheduled time?
It is recommended to arrive at the museum complex 10 minutes before the scheduled visiting time.

How long does it take to visit the museum?
An average visit takes about 60-75 minutes, and its duration does not depend on the hour you leave the museum’s premises.

Can I arrive with a baby stroller?
It is not possible to come in to the display areas with a baby stroller. You can store the stroller in a special room at the entrance.

Is the museum accessible for people with disabilities?
No, the museum is not accessible for people with disabilities.

Are food and beverages permitted in the museum?
No food or beverages (including alcoholic beverages) are permitted in the museum

Is it possible to buy food and beverages in the museum?
No, the museum does not sell any food or beverages

Does the museum personnel provide and guidance?
The museum’s guides will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any exhibit or related topic. At the same time, we recommend our visitors to book a tour with a guide who will accompany them throughout t the entire visit to the museum.

Is photography allowed at the museum?
We kindly recommend our visitors to bring their cameras and share their photos via social networks

Is there a storage room at the museum?
Yes. You can find storage lockers and the museum’s premises.
Weapons are not allowed at the museum and they can not be placed for safekeeping at the entrance.
Animals are not allowed in the museum.